Love-rat Toast dumps Bacon for Egg!


Eomeotenewspaper The Eggy Enquirer has once again fallen "fowl" of the law by running the article pictured on the left.  A spokesman for Toast yesterday delivered a prepared statement from Toast himself, indicating that legal action against the newspaper was pending.  According to Toast, the alleged "revelations" by former PA Maple Syrup are "absolute poppycock" and "just a bad yolk".  Furthermore, Toast took a swipe at the reporters who have been camped outside his mansion where he has been cooped up since the revelations hit the press, saying that they had caused undue distress to both him and Canadian Bacon.

But it was a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire when Toast’s latest conquest Coddled Egg was seen leaving the Toast Mansion via a back entrance, heavily disguised as an Easter egg, while Bacon is still at the clinic.

Nevertheless, Toast has insisted that the Press Reggulator should investigate the Eggy Enquirer to see if any privacy laws were violated in the course of constructing their story. 

Below is a picture of Toast and Bacon in happier days, together on the red capet at the premiere of his movie "Petit Dejeneur".

Eomeote17[Stuffed French toast made with a brioche loaf and stuffed with cheddar and pieces of fried bacon.  MmmmmmmSlice the bread thickly – about 1.5 inches – and cut a pocket in each slice.  Fry the bacon and grate or thinly slice the cheese.  Fill each brioche pocket with cheese and bacon. Make a batter with 1 egg, 1/2 cup of milk and 1/8 cup of flour per 4 slices.  Dip each slice in the egg mixture and fry on both sides until golden brown.]

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  1. says

    Hmmm, I might have try to get those two to reconcile their differences. This combination makes me want to start eating eggs again!
    Although I think I’d be inclined to use ham instead of back bacon.
    P.S. I always think it’s hilarious that we don’t really see back bacon all that often here in Canada and it is NEVER called “Canadian Bacon”.

  2. says

    Hilarious, Jeanne! Have you been reading Scottish newspapers recently and a certain tabloid paper allegations against a certain notorious leftie?

  3. says

    Hi Elizabeth
    Oh trust me, this dish is a reason to eat eggs!! It’s delicious and definitely decadent. And to let you in on a little secret, I have no idea what sort of bacon it was – Canadian Bacon was just the first thing to pop into my head, although in retrospect, Streaky Bacon might have worked better ūüėČ It’s a bit like Boston butt – nobody in Boston has ever heard of it?!?
    Hi CT
    As soon as possible – because I can’t keep my hands off this delicious plate of food any longer!! :o)
    Hi Stephanie
    Hmm, that thought did cross my mind – maybe all three in a sandwich… But then I decided that together with the stuffed French toast it woudl all be a bit too… well… visceral!!
    Hi Ilingc
    For the love of bacon, indeed (is that like the love that dare not speak its name?!?) And yes, yes! DO try it with brioche! It’s seriously yummy…
    Hi Pille
    Oh yes, been following that (well dodgy!!) case… But in the end I went with the truly-tabloid-fodder Beckham-esque storyline. I mean, think tabloid, think Beckhams!! :o)

  4. says

    My main objection to “Canadian” bacon is that it is salt cured rather than smoked. At least any of the peameal back bacon I’ve ever had has been made that way. Give me maple cured smoked streaky bacon instead!! It’s the best! Heart stoppingly good in fact. (heeheeheeheeheee)
    P.S. It occurs to me that your sandwich is basically a Monte Cristo sandwich. (I’ve GOT to change my mind about eggs!!)

  5. says

    Hi jeanne, I really love that you put me not once but twice in your favourite food blogs, thanks! Now I want to do a deal with you. If you do the roundup, I will tell you the name of the Rolling Stone song you missed, great effort to get the rest btw.

  6. says

    Hi Elizabeth
    Mmmmm, yes, I’m with you on that one. Smoked bacon rocks… And if anything gets you back to being an eggyvore, this sandwich should!
    Hi Tart
    That’s cool – kind of like a permanent blogging by post! But I’d be faaar to stressed organising something like that. Would panic about where all the parcels are all the time!
    Hi Neil
    Whoops – didn’t see you were in there twice (and not sure how the second one escaped being alphabetically ordered??). Take it as proof of just *how much* I like your blog! Roundup done – and thanks for the Rolling Stone post, it was fun!