BlogDay 2006

Hey, hey, it’s BlogDay 2006!  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, BlogDay is an annual event where bloggers are encouraged to recommend to their readers five blogs that have a different theme/location/perspective/culture/whatever to their own.  That way we all get to try a few new blogs and expand our horizons a little.  Here’s who I nominated last year – and in the interests of peace, love and global (blogal?!) understanding, here is my list for 2006:

Nathan’s PKD – as you have probably read on my blog, my mom passed away in 2003 from renal failure related to her polycystic kidney disease (PKD).  Nathan is 28 and was diagnosed with this incurable genetic disorder when he was 20.  He writes about his illness (which affects an astonishing 12.5 million people worldwide – more than cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, haemophilia, Downs Syndrome and sickle cell anaemia combined), his dialysis treatment, his transplant hopes and his life, often with a dry sense of humour.  Many of you out there probably know or are related to someone living with PKD – which makes this an even more compelling read.

Disney Teacher Award Journal – you might remember that last year on our roadtrip through the USA we stayed with our good friend StClaire Adriaan in San Diego. StClaire studied at the same university as Nick and me but emigrated to the USA.  He is currently teaching 6th Grade math at KIPP Adelante in San Diego California and was recently one of 43 teachers selected from 75,000 nominees across the USA for the Disney Teacher Award.  This award recognises teachers with inspiring and creative classroom strategies – and having visited StClaire’s classroom while in San Diego, I can vouch for the fact that he falls squarely within that definition!  His blog was started to chart his prize trip to Disneyland, but also includes stories from his recent travels in Greece (with his luggage lost in transit for the entire trip!) and stories from his classroom.

The Bearded Man – Zimbabwe is a country truly in need of a break (for break, read "new government") and it continues to horrify me that the South African government (and, indeed,the world) continues to stand by and watch silently as the country and its people are systematically destroyed.  Last year for BlogDay I ponted you towards the excellent This is Zimbabwe – this year I give you The Bearded Man with comprehensive daily bulletins and insightful commentary on developments in Zimbabwe and tons of Zim-related links.  Compulsory reading.

YBlog ZA – Mike Golby is my new favourite South African blogger.  Read one of his posts and you’ll see what I mean – social and political commentary mix with what he did over the weekend, all interspersed with truly stunning pictures, everything from protea flowers to Cape Town surfers to the homeless.  And his love and enthusiasm for the country shine from every post. 

Recipes from Tanzania – African food is sadly underrepresented on the blogs, so I’m always thrilled to find a food blog with an African focus.  I present to you… Miriam!  Born and raised in Tanzania, she now lives in North America and maintains a blog focusing on Tanzanian (and other African) recipes, techniques and utensils.  And even better – she posts recipes in both Swahili and English!

So that’s my list – please have a look at each of them as they’re all worth a read.  Inspired to join in and nominate five blogs of yor own choice?  Well, ordinarily I would point you to the official BlogDay website – but they have been down most of the day :-(  So here is my version of the instructions:

1. Locate five blogs that you find interesting – preferabyl blogs that are not already linked to from your site – be creative!

2. Write a short description of each blog you have chosen and put up a post containing links to them on your blog.   

3.  E-mail the bloggers you have selected and notify them that you are recommending them for BlogDay 2006.

4. Make sure you put up your post on BlogDay Post – August 31st. 

5. Add the BlogDay tag using this link: and a link to BlogDay web site at

And above all… enjoy and celebrate your fellow-bloggers!

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  1. Mike Golby says

    Many thanks, Jeanne … although I prefer to fly under the radar (in ever-decreasing circles as spring and the outdoor beckons), I’m greatly honoured. I’ve generally used my blog to maintain contact with good friends made early on and, as Niek Hockx once put it, ‘to put things up on the Web.’ So I guess it’s a bit of a stew…or potjiekos…or something. But yep, a fresh breeze blows in occasionally and I find my blogroll a link longer. And that’s what happened when I caught the colour, energy and flavour of Cook Sister! So “Backatcha”, as they say in all the best circles. You’re firmly ensconced among my strangely few favourite South African bloggers. Or should that be strange few South African bloggers…? Ah, never mind :)

  2. says

    Jeanne, thanks for the nomination and the friendship of you and Nick over the years. I maintain my blog to celebrate education and extraordinary accomplishements of my diverse student population. The Disney Award also afforded me the opportunity to make 43 new friends from around the country who shape the lives of their diverse student populations every day. Each one of them extraodinary educators who do so much more than teach, they shape lives and help students believe in themselves. Teaching is truely a calling and I enjoy every second of it. “Let us live for our children.”

  3. says

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I had never even heard of BlogDay before you mentioned it. It is interesting to me to see people all over the world reading my blog and getting something from it. I am glad that you are enjoying the information. I never really thought of myself as the kind of person that has a “following”, but I will try to keep up my posts and not let you all down. Thanks again!

  4. says

    Hi Mike
    Stews are the best – all these disparate elements coming together into one delicious flavour! Did I mention that I love the song lyrics you intersperse into your posts? I found myself humming “Weeping” all day last week! And thanks for the link – always appreciated. Keep up the great work :-)
    Hi St Claire
    You are living proof that teachers are born & not made – it’s in your blood, man! And I’m sure you have made a lastign difference in many hundreds of young lives – what a great way to spend your workign day! Keep on teaching – and keep on blogging!
    Hi Nathan
    I think you’d be surprised at how meaningful information can be when it comes from somebody who is actually experiencing a disease, not someone who only knows the theory. I like the fact that you present information (e.g. your test results and what they mean) in a clear, jargonless way – it’s a great resource for people living with PKD. I will be visiting more regularly and will be holding thumbs for good news about your potential donors.

  5. says

    Pears seem so underused in modern cooking, wonder why? They must be out of fashion.
    My favourite desert is simply pears poached in white wine, with a cinnamon stick and some cloves. Reduce the wine (with a little sugar if needed) to form a sauce for the desert.