Trooping of the Colour 2006

by Jeanne on June 16, 2006

in London Life

Not food-related in the slightest, but very definitely London-related, the Trooping of the Colour (Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday parade) takes place this weekend.  I attended the final rehearsal or Colonel’s Review last weekend and trust me, if it’s pomp and ceremony (or men in uniform!) you’re after, this is an event you shouldn’t miss!  Read my very comprehensive post about the 2004 ceremony to find out the history behind it as well as who is marching and what "the colour" actually is.

The 2006 Trooping of the Colour ceremony will be taking place tomorrow (Saturday 17 June).  The troops will march from Buckingham Palace at about 10h00 towards Horseguards Parade and the Queen leaves the palace in her carriage at precisely 10h40, to arrive at the parade ground at 11h00. You can stand anywhere along The Mall and see the parade and the royals up close and personal.  Take a camera and be prepared to defend your patch of turf from elbowing tourists and small children who play on your sympathy to squeeze in front of you. ;-)  And when it’s all over, grab some food and picnic in the glorious St James’s park, check out the pelicans (yes, really!), and stroll down The Mall to see Buckingham Palace. 

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Jo Evans June 20, 2006 at 2:10 pm

No other country but GB can carry out ceremonials. This Trooping of the Colour 2006 was outstanding and I wish to send a DVD if that is possible to my friends and relationsin America


Jeanne June 20, 2006 at 5:07 pm

Hi Jo
Thanks for popping by! Some research has revealed that recordings are available for sale here:
They don’t seem to have DVDs but they do offer NTSC tapes for US consumption, and the 2006 trooping is now available to order.
Hope that helps!


johanna June 25, 2006 at 11:51 am

did i ever tell you that i have a phobia of uniforms? (would this, by any chance, be called unifobia?) i get really, seriously anxious and start sweating and all when i see loads of men in uniform… policemen, soldiers, you name it – it freaks the h*** out of me, so the trooping of the colours is definitely not for me…


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