Two blogs, two years – now that’s a good excuse for a party!

They say time flies when you’re having fun – and I am going to have to agree with that!  Can you believe that it’s nearly two years ago that I first girded my blogging loins and decided to set up this blog?  I remember being a reader and a lurker for a couple of months before that, reading Frost Street obsessively and slowly beginning to think “hey, I could do that…”  The final catalyst was a desire to participate in “Is my Blog Burning?” in May 2004 and I remember abandoning Nick and our houseguest Catherine downstairs while I wrestled with Typepad in the study, until finally, my first post appeared, rapidly followed by my first IMBB entry of boerewors and butternut risotto.  Aaaah, the innocence of youth… “I will try to do a couple of posts a week”.  Hahahaha!!  At least I (and you) know that I started off with the best of intentions 😉

What I didn’t know at the time was that just a few London postcodes away, and just about 2 weeks earlier, Johanna had also penned her first blog entry. It was to be about a year before we worked up the courage to arrange a face-to-face meeting (first we had to get past all those fears of meeting weirdos over the internet!!) which consisted of a lot of wine at Villandry!!  But since then on we have become firm friends, sharing our thoughts on a lot more than blogging and seeing each other regularly.  Our friendship is definitely one of the biggest bonuses of two years of blogging – but of course there have been other perks too.  Getting to know a host ofotherUKfood<href=””>bloggers.  Meeting food bloggersfromfurtherafield.  Founding (together with Anthony the irrepressible End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza, the web’s first and only ovo-literary event.
Winning Best South African Food Blog twice in a row.  Getting mentioned in the Wall Street Journal Europe and in Olive magazine.  My first published appearance – in a real book with an ISBN number!! Phew – it’s been a busy two years!!

So what better way to celebrate than to kick back and relax with friends, surrounded by good food and good wine?  And that’s exactly what Johanna and I are planning – a joint blogday party! On June 17th, we are going to get together at Johanna’s place with a bunch of like-minded food bloggers and indulge in canapes, pink bubbly and (with some luck) a chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries into!  Sound like something you’d like to take part in?  Well, if you’re a food blogger in the UK (or from anywhere else who in planning a summer trip to London!), drop me a line and I can let you have the details.

To all those of you out there reading but unable to be here, I just wanted to thank you for two amazing years.  I have met some of you in person and got to know many more of you via lengthy e-mails, and I am richer for having done so.  I know that I am not the world’s most regular blogger (!!) but I hope that you continue to come back to see what I’ve been eating and where I’ve been travelling to, and I hope that you continue to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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    I’ve been reading Cook Sister with great enjoyment for a lot of the 2 years, and just like you, it was reading food blogs that made me want to get involved, and the urge to participate in IMBB that made me take the plunge.

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    Dear Jeanne, happy blogging anniversary ! Your blog is one of those I have on my daily list and what I especially love about it is your wit, esprit and that it seemts to come right from your heart. I will never forget your moving posts about Christelle, and what I personally believe is that food bloggins HAS TO be called life blogging as well. Thank you for sharing and though I regret I won’t make it in June I will be with you and Johanna and all other blogging friends in my thoughts. Much love, angelika

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    Your blog is almost the same age as mine too, congratulations on your blogversary. I know I said to Johanna I might be around to join in the fun on the 17th, but things have changed, or havent’t changed yet, whichever way you look at it. Now if i do actually happen to make it, it would probably because of the worst predicament I could hope to find myself in. So, fingers crossed I cant make it, eh? Much as I would love to. Was that clear as mud????

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    Congratulations Jeanne, from little things..
    Many thanks. You were one of my first commenters and the fact that it was someone funny and smart and with spookily much in common, got me hooked into this whole thing.
    Shame I can only be there in spirit but it’s a day before me birthday so have one or two from me.