There and back again…


Saview_1Well folks, like Bilbo Baggins I’ve been there and now I’m back.  All the way from over here on the left, which is the view from my bedroom window at home in South Africa last week…  to over here on the right, which was the view from our guest room in London yesterday morning.Ukview

And I have been a very very bad blogger – in fact, I was a better blogger when I was away, what with leaving you a few posts to go off at regular intervals in my absence!  And to make matters worse, don’t think I’ll be spending this Bank Holiday weekend beetling away at the computer and blogging stuff like my meal at the The Fat Duck, David Lebovitz’s visit to London, meeting Pille in London recently, all the lovely food I’ve been making and eating, and a host of South African restaurants visited on my most recent trips…  Oh no, I’ll be off to Jersey for 2 days!!

So when I get back I’ll have yet more stuff to write about and as always not enough time :-(  But I am working on a plan to try and get some of my travels blogged by instituting a regular “postcard” post or something to that effect.  Hey, I have to start somewhere!  So watch this space…

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  1. Anna says

    Why not forget the food –and become a travel blogger who simply writes about her meals along the way :-))

  2. Anna says

    Meant to add – because, for instance, I’d love to read account(s) of your trip to SA (including food). Has your relationship with the country changed in any way since you’ve been away? Do you still want to move back permanently at some point soon?