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Yes folks, I made it back in one piece after 17 glorious days in South Africa.  I had such high hopes of blogging while I was there, but a) my father has terminated his contract with his ISP; b) very few of my friends have home PC’s and even if they did, we were too busy talking, eating and drinking to want to blog; and c) Wi-Fi is a rare thing in my neck of the woods.  So the only time I visited an internet cafe was last Thursday when I put up the previous post (shortly before being drenched in an unseasonal downpour!!).

It seems that I have missed pretty much the entire voting process of the SA Blog Awards, without even knowing I was nominated :-(  But on the bright side, I have discovered two sparkling new talents amongst the nominees, who will definitely be making it onto my blogroll.

First there’s Inky Goblin, one of the most amusing sites I have come across in a long time.  It is South African political satire, so admittedly it does help if you are South African.  But the writing is excellent, so do yourself a favour and go and have a look, whatever your nationality.  My particular favourite is the Goblin’s piece on the arrival of avian flu in Africa, which takes a dig at our Minister of Health’s laughable suggestions for AIDS treatment (olive oil, garlic and African potatoes.  I kid you not.).

And then there’s Gosu, a blog full of fantastic photographs that I only discovered through the SA Blog Awards.  Absolutely beautiful images from South Africa – do yourself a favour and take a look.

And while we’re on the topic of South African snappers, head on over to Lorissa’s and check out her new venture – a photography site dedicated to food! You go girl & keep up the good work!

Hopefully those will occupy you for a few hours while I get myself back into a blogging frame of mind.  I must say, it was rather nice not to have to think about blogging for a while and to concentrate on Real Life (but that didn’t stop me taking a gazillion pictures of food in South Africa!!) – and it is good the be reminded that the world will not stop turnign because you neglected to blog for a few days.  But looking through my photos last night I realise that there is a ton of stuff to tell you – a couple of meals out in Johannesburg (Orient, the Hot Orange) and a whole week of eating out in Plettenberg Bay (The Med, Moby Dicks, my old favourite Cornuti al Mare, and my newest discovery The Grand Cafe), plus some little treats brought back in my suitcase from home.  So best I get back to blogging ASAP then. 

Do not adjust your sets.  Normal service will resume shortly!

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    Red, Lorissa & Jacqui
    You are all so fab to have come over to congratulate me before I had even seen my own success!! Thanks for your very kind words and thank you for any votes than came my way – it makes all the late nights and fighting with software worthwhile 😉
    Red – hope things are going well for you in SA – keep up the good work blogging from The Motherland!
    Lorissa – such a pity that you were pipped at the post by Cherryflava. You certainly had my vote…
    Jacqui – keep a close eye on your postbox… 😉

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    I always think it’s great when there’s no time for the internet on a holiday. Especially when the reasons are good food and good company.
    Glad to see you back though and congratulations on winning the award, Jeanne! I’m looking forward to hearing all about the fun. (And the treats!!!! I can’t wait to hear about the treats!)