The South African Blog Awards 2006


Sa_blog_awards_06Can you believe a whole year has come and gone since the last inaugural SA Blog   Awards?  Well, believe it or not, it has, and the awards are back.  The original motivation behind the awards (the fact that the Bloggies STILL insist on lumping the whole of Africa together with the Middle-East as a single category) remains unchanged, but the positve side-effect is that we get our very own blog awards instead!  I am still extremely proud to say that last year I won both South African food blog of the year and Best Overseas Blog, but with the proliferation of blogs over the past 12 months I can guarantee you that the competition will be very very stiff this year.

So, dear readers, where do you fit it?  Well, if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read here over the past 12 months, if you love the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza, or if anything I’ve written has mande you laugh or cry, please take a moment and make some nominations.  It’s easy – all you do is send an e-mail, but do read the rules first – for a valid nomination you need to nominate at least THREE blogs, so take a look at my sidebar for other great SA blogs to nominate. 

Available categories are:

South African blog of 2005 – The best of the best from SA

Most humourous South African blog – Leon Schuster online [a South African comedian]

Best post on a South African blogThe one post which took game for 2005

Best overseas South African blog
Written by a South African in any foreign country

Best writing on a South African blog
Humour, attention to detail…captivating

Best SA blog about politics
The best SA blog featuring mainly a political theme

Best SA photographic blog
The best SA blog featuring original photographic content

Best SA group blog The best SA blog featuring more than one writer

Best new blog
Best blog which was started during the year of 2005

Best SA blog about food
The best blog written mainly about food or drink

Best SA blog about tech
Best South African technology focused weblog

Best SA lifestyle blog
Best blog of lifestyle type content

Best design for a blogBest overall design and layout of a weblog page

Nominations are open until 17 February and voting will take place between 22 February and 3 March.  This is a great excuse to browse through the wealth of talent out there in the South African blogospere – so get clicking.  And don’t forget to nominate! :-)

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