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With the amazing proliferation of food blogs over the past year or so, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of the damn things, let alone try to read them regularly!! So I have decided to restrict my typelist to the sites that I routinely check and to start building up a more comprehensive and more flexible list of food blogs here. Also, things have moved on, tastes have changed and blogs that I worshipped when I started blogging might not be top of my list now.

Of the two foodblogs that inspired me to start Cooksister, one still resides on my main page typelist – the Amateur Gourmet.  Sadly, the other, Jeremy of Froststreet no longer seems to be blogging so I have removed his link.  For the rest, the list is made up of a mixture of old friends like Alberto and Deb; friends I’ve met through the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza like Sarah and Lady Amalthea; and blogs I’ve stumbled across and loved like Chubby Hubby and Deep-end Dining.

So feel free to check them out – they all carry the Cooksister stamp of approval 😉

101 Cookbooks (Stunning photorgaphy and a leaning towards vegetarian cuisine)

A la Cuisine! (Beautiful photographs of technically difficult foods, beautifully presented)

Anne’s Food (Cats and cooking from Sweden)

A Veggie Venture (Alanna’s vegetable inspirations from asparagus to zucchini)

Blog from our kitchen (Elizabeth writes and cooks from Ontario, Canada)

Cooking Diva (Melissa brings her Latin American passion to bear on food and cooking)

Culinary Chase (a Canadian personal chef in Hong Kong)

Deep-end Dining (Eddie Lin boldly goes where you and I wouldn’t dare…)

Dessert First (Anita makes mouth watering desserts and takes drop-dead stunning photos of them)

Dispensing Happiness (Stephanie loves food and all things retro)

Elise’s Simply Recipes (loads of excellent recipes, categorised by main ingredient)

Foodgoat (somethign tasty every day from Cleveland, Ohio)

Gluten-free girl (all you need to know about good food minus the gluten)

Grab Your Fork (restaurants, cooking and food photography from Sydney)

Feed me! I’m hungry! (I-Ling cooking, baking and eating out in Melbourne)

Fiordizucca (Glorious photography & mainly Italian writing – but English recipe translations)

Ideas in Food (Two chefs, awesome food, awesome pictures)

Il Forno (Alberto is not only a baker of note – he’s also the father of Is My Blog Burning?)

Milk and Cookies (Jenjen blogs from Sydney with great photos and my kind of humour!)

Noodlepie (eating in Saigon, from gutter grub to gourmet tables)

Noshes, Thoughts, Reves (The Lady Amalthea invites us to dinner in Paris and New York)

Obsession with Food (more excellent foodblogging from the Bay Area)

One Hot Stove (Nupur in New York shares her knowledge of Marathi cuisine)

Onokinegrindz (Reid is slowly eating his way round Hawaii’s restaurants and diners – pull up a chair)

Roving Gastronome (Zora lives, eats, cooks and writes guidebooks in New York)

Seattle Bon Vivant (Viv acts as arbiter of style and taste in and around Seattle)

Stephen Cooks (cooking outside of the recipe books in Maine)

Teatime blog (in German and Turkish – interesting recipes and beautiful photos)

Tomatilla (Owen in California is the father of both Paper Chef and the Digital Dish)

The Delicious Life (Sarah’s insider view of LA food & dining)

The Thorngrove Table (Christina shares her knowledge of Medieval and modern cuisine)

Tigers and Strawberries (Great food writing from Barbara Fisher)

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