She’s back – eggcelent!

Yes, I’m back!  And I have managed to procrastinate about blogging for a full week already!!  I keep thinking "tomorrow, I’ll blog" and then of course something comes up and by 10pm I’m good for nothing except lying on the sofa watching TV. 

But I do realise that I have got to start somewhere.  There is so much I want to write about our amazing trip and there are so many photos to show, but the sheer volume involved there makes it a daunting task.  So let’s do baby steps back to blogging and start with something more manageable – like stuff that I’ve missed (or nearly missed!) while I was away and can now draw your attention to.

Top of the list, as always, has to be my beloved End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza.  In September, I handed hosting duties over to the ever-charming Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness and her exuberant theme was 1970’s style song lyrics.  People sure rose to the occasion (clearly a lot of you food bloggers are older than you look, as you seem to have a very good working knowledge of 1970’s music :o)) and the result was summarised in Stephanie’s fab "radio request hour" – go check it out, you will be clamouring for Steph to hit the airwaves for real!

Looking to the future present, this month’s EoMEoTE#12 is a different story altogether.  In honour of Halloween last Monday, the lovely Moira has declared the theme this month to be Halloween – check out her fab eggy tombstone.  I mean, "Vaya con huevos"???  Hahahahaha! Fantastic stuff.  Anyhow, Moira’s brief is simple and so inclusive that ANYBODY can join in.  None of my complicated rhyme schemes.  No onerous ingredient requirements.  No Beowulf.  Just eggs and carbs and some sort of horror theme.  Maybe you want to present us with an edible video nasty.  Maybe you are making scrambled eggs but calling it the Texas Blender Massacre.  Maybe that dribble of ketchup on the plate looks just like blood.  Use your imaginations!!  Anything goes – just make sure there’s eggs and toast, and make sure you drop Moira a line this weekend to make sure you feature in the fiendishly clever round-up.

Another event that took place just as I was leaving was the second Euro Blogging by Post.  As you may recall, Andrew came up with the idea of launching a Euro edition of this a couple of months ago and the first one was a roaring success.  I was lucky enough to have the great man Andrew himself as the sender of my parcel – and he certainly put on a good spread!  My parcel went to the kitchen queens over at Something’s Cooking and it sure sounds as if they enjoyed it.  This time round, things didn’t go quite so smoothly.  In my mad rush to send off my late (as usual!!) parcel, I left out a crucial bit of the address and spent the next 3 days arguing with various representatives of the Royal Mail as to why, if I had the reference number, they could not locate the parcel to either a) return it to me for proper addressing or b) add the missing info themselves.  The problem was not the locating part – the problem was with the "tampering with the address" part!!  Erm, hello, how would I have all this information about the parcel if I wasn’t the legitimate sender??  See what my life is like?!  Anyway, to my immense relief, the parcel turned up safe and sound (and quite speedily – maybe I should always leave out the house number!!) on Mia’s doorstep in Munich.  And judging by her write ups, she loved the parcel – yaaaay!  As for receiving my parcel?  The drama continues…  I waited anxiously for it to arrive before I left for the USA, thinking I REALLY didn’t want to arrive home to a moldy box of food but, alas, nothing arrived!  So when I got back last week I contacted Andrew who informed me that my "secret Santa" had posted the parcel well in advance of my departure… only to have the parcel returned to him before it had even left his home country, due to some technicality.  Rats.  But at least this means that he delayed the re-sending until I arrived back, so I’m holding thumbs that I’ll get a little post office slip through my door any day now…!  Check out Andrew’s site for the remainder of the roundup.

What else have I missed? 

  • Well, there’s yet another missed IMBB – the Kitchen Chick hosted and declared the theme to be souffles – check out the two-part round-up here and here
  • If it’s food porn you’re after, then you absolutely must check out Lovescool’s round up of SHF#13 – the theme was The Dark Side, i.e. dark chocolate.  Imagine your wildest chocolate fantasies coming true, tenfold.  Then you’ll still only be about halfway there.  Oh. My. Word.
  • On the liquid side, we had (only 2 days ago, in fact) WBW#15.  Gastronomie-SF came up with the novel idea of boutique wines of which fewer than 250 cases in total were produced.  Now there’s a challenge!  No round-up as yet, but watch the site for further developments…
  • Chubby Hubby hosted DMBLGiT#10 and I have to say the standard of entries was extremely high.  Overall winner was… our very own Andrew!  Way to go!! 
  • Stephencooks hosted Owen’s Paper Chef #11 – the ingredients were duck, pears, ginger and nut butter.  Check out the awesome entries in the roundup!
  • The Food Palate is calling for October submissions to Omnivoribus Australis, the monthly celebration of all edible things Australian – and hey, that’s one you can still enter, provided you are a) in Australia or b) an expat.  So off yer go, mate.

Phew – I think that’s about it.  So that’s what I missed here – now I have to get down to telling you all what you missed in the USA and Mexico.  And perhaps I should cook something again one day.  Or post about some of the meals out I’ve had in the past few months.  The possibilities are endless.

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  1. says

    Again, Jeanne…thank you! For allowing me to host, and for saying such nice things.
    And I confess: I’m a ‘retired’ radio personality; if that sounded real it was because I spent way too many years spinning ‘today’s hits, yesterday’s favorites’!

  2. Courtney says

    I agree– Stephanie’s blog is charming.I just hopped over from there!
    And I guess I’m not the only *egghead* out in the blogosphere just now…I just featured a Marathi dish called Egg Rassa from Nupur of One Hot Stove. It only made me hungry for more eggs. Is something wrong with me, you think?

  3. says

    Lovely post, Jeanne- and thanks for the promo! I’m hoping that there are a lot more people that are going to participate this weekend…maybe they’re holding off to scare me a little? ūüėČ