DMBLGiT – code red emergency!

Yes, I know it’s almost the end of the month and I’m meant to be posting my usual roundup of monthly events (although Stickydate is now doing an admirable job of keeping up with events!) or at least declaring a theme for everybody’s favourite EoMEoTE…  (watch this space!)

But then my "to do" list was violently rearranged by one very panicked e-mail and a subsequent similar phone call from Moira.  As you no doubt know, the lovely Moira is hosting this months’ edition of Does My Blog Look Good in This?, the monthly food photo contest and she has shown excellent taste in her choice of judges… ūüėČ All was going according to plan until that unexpected visitor, Human Error, showed up and in a flash all the entries in her dedicated DMBLGiT mailbox were gone.  Lost.  Irretrievable.  We’ve all been there and it SUCKS!!

So what Moira is asking is for everybody who submitted an entry any time between Sat 19 Nov and Tues 22 Nov 22h00 GMT to please, please re-send the entry to her.  And if you know somebody who has entered, please alert them to this post.  And if you yourself haven’t entered yet, now would be a great time to do so!  Drop her an e-mail right now to make sure you are included in the fun. 

PS – everything is going to be just fine, Moira!!! ūüėČ

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  1. says

    Poor ol’ Moria!
    I would just like to say that the old stand-by Is My Blog Burning now has me as an editor – so hopefully, with respect to sticky date, it can return to its previous heights as the central point/calendar for meme and other events.

  2. Esther says

    We will try to post an entry for Moira, but it would be better if she specifies a particular subject for her edition, or anmy theme. This would help to broaden the horizon of entries and would be a great help to her on time.
    Good Luck & Cheers from