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Given my recent past record of being late for (or completely missing!) food blog events, yuo may consider it slightly ironic that I should be posting one of these…  But what the heck, I thought I’d post it anyway!!  There is now such a proliferation of events going on that it’s close to impossible to keep track of them all, let alone participate, but for the brave amongst you, here goes:

  • The big daddy of ’em all, Alberto‘s most successful child, Is My Blog Burning? is now into its amazing 17th edition.  This month the host is Clement from A la Cuisine and the theme is tea!  Hot, cold, to eat, to drink, green black or herbal – the choice is yours.  Make it, post it on 31 July and see what everyone else comes up with.
  • Hot on its heels of IMBB in terms of popularity is Sugar High Friday, Domestic Goddess Jennifer’s baby.  After last month’s honey theme, this month’s 11th edition is being hosted by Ronald of LoveSicily and he has decreed the theme to be coffee.  Methinks our Italian-inspired host may have a tiramisu or two up his sleeve??  Can’t wait to see!  Due date for entries is 12 August. (Thanks Sarah for pointing me to this!)
  • On the liquid front, we have another of my favourite events – Wine Bloging Wednesday, Lenn’s boozy baby.  This month, the prodigal bottle returns home for its 12th edition and Lenn hosts, as he exhorts us to "Drink Local" on 10 August.  This will entail drinking a wine from the winery nearest your place of residence – and he’s going to be checking, people, so no cheating! ūüėČ
  • This weekend is going to be busy – Andrew over at Spittoon is hosting the first Euro-food-bloggers "Blogging by Mail".  The idea is simple – you sign up with Andrew, this weekend he assigns you a fellow-participant (all top secret at the moment!) and you will then post that person a parcel containing some homemade goodies, some local delicacies, some recipes… whatever you want, in fact, as long as it’s food related.  You might still be able to sign up (if you’re quick!), so get on over to Spittoon.
  • In light of all the activity this weekend and to avoid overloading you, I have decided that my and Anthony‘s little darling, the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza #9, will officially have 7th August as its deadline.  Yes I know, mentioning "EoMEoTE" and "deadline" in one sentence, hahahahaha.  Hysterical!!  But there you have it.  And of course, the question you are all asking yourself will be "what ovo-literary theme has she picked this time?" – we’ve recently had haikus, limericks and short dramatic works.  You’ll have to read my next post to find out – watch this space!
  • For those who want to eat but not cook, the perfect event is Dine and Dish, brainchild of Sarah from The Delicious Life.  Every month there’s a theme and it’s up to you to find a resturant that suits this theme, eat there and review it on your blog.  This month’s hostess (the fourth edition already!) is the lovely Sam from Posh & Becks and she’s putting us on a tight budget – go check it out! Due date is 22 August so you still have plenty of time…
  • On the visual side, there is Ronald‘s Does My Blog Look Good in This?, the monthly food photo competition.  Entries for this month’s 7th edition (photos posted in June) closed on 21 July (but bribes and begging may still be submitted to our charming host at Lyn at Lex Culinaria ;-)).  Look out for results on 31 July!
  • Owen from Tomatilla does his monthly bit with Paper Chef. Ingredients are nominated and by you, the blogging public, and around the start of the month you have to see what you can make with them!  Last month’s 8th edition ingredients were cheddar cheese, spinach and olives.  The round-up is here and the winners are here.  Look out for the next edition soon…
  • Stephanie from Stefoodie kindly drew my attention to the Lasang Pinoy event taking place for the first time this month which aims to draw attention to the food of the Philipines.  To mark the 22nd anniversary of the death of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino on 21 August, anybody with an interest in Filipino food and culture is invited to post on Filipino food, or their quest to define Filipino food, on 18 August, with the round-up following on 21 August. Good luck with the launch, guys!
  • And from Down Under, there’s Omnivoribus Australis – the monthly food blogging event initiated by Deborah from The Food Palate where Australian food bloggers get to choose their favourite post from the last month and submit it for includion in the roundup.  The deadline for this month is 5 August so if you’re in Oz, get submitting so we can all share in your July magnum opus!

Phew – tired yet??  If you take part in all of those there will be precious little time left for… well, cooking, eating and drinking!!  If I’ve left anyone’s pet event out, please don’t be offended – just drop me an e-mail and I’ll happily add you.  And remember to check back in a bit for announcement of the EoMEoTE#9 theme…

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  1. says

    Isn’t it the truth? I have to work all the events into my grocery budget each week, then find time to do all of them! Good thing I have a receptive audience, or the fun would be over pretty darn quick.
    Thanks for rounding them up; I never can remember all the events!

  2. says

    Thanks for the overview – most useful, not that I join in every one of these events. It is great to see such a thriving international ‘scene’ in the food and drink blogging world. I bet embroidery or stamp collecting people don’t have as much fun.
    I have another idea for a regular event – that combines an international reach, wine/food and photography – but I don’t think there is enough room in the calender!

  3. says

    New Food and Drink Blog Happening.

    Stephanie at the green-edged Happy Sorceress has launched the latest blog-happening – Blog-Party. I do question the need or ‘space’ for another such regular event but there you go. It is going to take a huge amount of commitment to join in all these ev…

  4. says

    Lasang Pinoy I: Ninoy Aquino Day – Round-Up

    Nth edition, constantly edited
    When some of us thought of launching a Filipino food blogging event in the tradition of Is My Blog Burning? 1, all I was concerned about was the theme should be something that coincided with Philippine holidays or fe…

  5. says

    Hi Jeanne,
    We had a very successful launch. We now have 32 entries and counting! What makes it so wonderful is that more than half of the participants are not food bloggers! We’re all smiles now, smiling like a Cheshire cat, no doubt.
    Thanks for sending us the “good luck” – we received it. ūüėÄ