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Allow me to introduce myself – I am the person who took six months or more to blog about her June trip to South Africa.  I am the person who stretched the two week time limit requested by Santos (for filling in my contribution to the 100 Recipes project) to over two months.  I am the person who was voted Best South African Food Blog and then promptly stopped blogging.  Hi, my name is Cooksister and I’m a procrastinator.  From here on in I’m going to follow the Twelve Steps and take my return to blogging one day at a time.  What can I say- I suck.

[Catharsis over]

Phew – I feel better now – all lightened up in the guilt department!!  Seriously though, I’ve just had a really really busy time and I have found that my obsession (verging on compulsive) with blogging about things in the sequence that they actually happened is hugely working against me.  I had a look at my recent posts tonight and pretty much everythign for the last month or more has consisted of contributions to food blogging events – and I’m about to add some more this weekend…  This is great for indicating my cybercommnity spiritedness, but I seriously have to get my act together and resume blogging even when there’s no event on!

So, to whet your appetite (and to remind me of what I have to do!!), here is a list of stuff from my burgeoning archives that I plan to write up soonish:

  • November trip to the south of France
  • December trip to South Africa
  • March trip to Berlin
  • meal at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Chiswick
  • meal at Giraffe in Richmond
  • meal at Food for Friends in Brighton
  • meals at Efes and Efes II
  • various books, kitchen toys and foods I have bought recently
  • my pre-Christmas lunch in London (I cringe…)
  • my lunch when Book 9 of 1000 Recipes came to stay
  • Beef in Guinness stew for St Patrick’s Day
  • Lancashire Hotpot
  • Macadamia crusted trout
  • Paola’s pasta primavera
  • pasta with mange tout and prawns in a sake sauce
  • my mom’s scones
  • cod and pancetta parcels
  • stuffed gem squashes

I could go on, but I’ll just depress myself…  I do promise to make a serious effort to get to at least half of these by the end of May so that Cooksister doesn’t enter its second year (!!) in such a huge post deficit…

And last but not least (better late than never), here are the foodblog events to watch out for in the near future.  Today, there’s Sugar High Friday – this month’s host Derrick over at An Obsession with Food has selected Black & Sticky molasses as the theme.  Then on Sunday 24th, there’s the venerable Grande Dame of food blog events, Is My Blog Burning?  Foodgoat has chosen the quirky yet inspiring theme of orange – the colour, not the fruit!  Coming up vaguely around the time of next weekend will be… you guessed it – the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza!  The hosting will be done by yours truly, the Cooksister, plus co-founder Anthony of Spiceblog has promised to create a Flickr site for EoMEoTE! And then on 11 May, Sam of Becks and Posh has decided to throw geography to the wind and nominate rosé as the theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday.  There’s also a newcomer to the event scene this month – Sarah of The Delicious Life proposes an event where you eat out according to a nominated theme and post a review of your dining experience.  The inaugural theme is Bar Fly – anything eaten at a (or the) bar.  Then of course there’s the Food Photo Vote and Paper Chef from 6-9 May (watch Tomatilla for details), and before you know it, the month is over and we start again from the beginning!

No wonder I have no time for other blogging…!

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  1. says

    I really appreciate the food event calendar…I’m constantly afraid I’ll miss one (you’re not the only one caught up in these things), so thanks!
    And I hope to have an EoMEoTE entry to you no later than Monday. I HOPE…

  2. says

    Jeanne – I only just managed to write my Curry in Soho post from last July which I first told Becks & Posh readers I’d write in December. I also have a large backlog of posts like you, but I am not going to admit them publicly whereby they might become some sort of commitment I can’t keep.
    I do, however, solemnly promise to have an egg post for you next week. It has already been cooked, photographed, eaten and declared as “amazing” by the Frenchman. I’ll send it you aorund the end of the month.
    Have a great weekend

  3. says

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment! Hope to see you back soon.
    Glad to hear the calendar is of use! I also find it hard to remember what takes place when unless I have all the dates in one place. And I look forward to your eggy creation!
    Thanks for that! All I have to do now is actually announce the event…
    I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who posts ex-ex-ex post facto (no pun intended…!) I like the way you weave your older posts into the current stream of things – I feel somehow compelled to confess that “this post has been six months in the making”. It’s a bad habit that I gotta lose!! The egg dish sounds great as Frenchmen in general (and Fred in particular!) are not easily pleased. Look forward to reading all about it!

  4. says

    Jeanne, don’t forget the Paper Chef – May 6 through 9.
    Glad to see you back. I gave up on blogging in sequence sometime last year. Once I’m about two months late with a post I let it go unles I need to record the recipe for when Altzheimers REALLY kicks in (it feels like it has already). I had [planned to be really novel for SHF and do ginger beer with the kids using molasses as the sugar. But instead I tore out more large sections of our main bathroom and so guaranteed that we will be without bathroom all summer long (I had already rendered the bathroom unusable – I just made it worse this weekend).
    By the way – the book is still mired at the printers. THey claim to have actually printed it but they won’t send me it until they send me their final invoice and I pay it – and then they couldn’t be bothered to send me the invoice. Oh well.. progress is still being made albeit slowly.

  5. says

    Hi Owen
    I think with therapy and support from you and Sam, I may be able to get over my chronology issues!! Will add the Paper Chef dates to my post.
    Hmm, bathroomless all summer long… and your wife still speaks to you?? :o) Pleased to see that the service ethic in the publishing industry is on a par with other service industries… Good luck with the “hurry up and wait” part of the process!