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by Jeanne on March 18, 2005

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I had a look at my list of recent posts yesterday and was amazed at just how much of it was taken up by posts which had been composed for inclusion in various food blogging events.  In fact, the past month or so, what with hosting both a Wine Blogging Wednesday and an End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza and squeezing in an Is My Blog Burning contribution, it does seem as if I’ve had little time for anything else!!  But at least having some deadlines for posting means that I will put in some effort, forego some social life and sit down and write.  And guess what – all those events are back again this month!  So best I get started with getting my ducks in a row so that I don’t forget anything…

Firstly, lets get the awards out of the way.  As you will see from the post above, the results of the first ever South African Blog Awards have been announced and Cooksister won – in more than one category!  Today, South Africa; tomorrow, the world.  Stay tuned.

Moving a little further afield now to the 2005 Bloggies where, sadly, Anthony from Spiceblog didn’t win the best Aussie/Kiwi blog, but not for lack of support from Cooksister.  You’ll always be a winner in my book, mate!  Some goodies amongst the winners though – check them all out.  And a special word of congratulation to Michael of Cooking for Engineers who won Best Food Blog – well done!

Finishing today is this months’ edition of Sugar High Friday.  The sixth edition is hosted by Debbie of Words to Eat By and the theme is caramel. Make it at home, buy it, borrow it – just make sure you get yourself some caramel and do something yummy with it!  I’ll be posting a slightly delayed entry tomorrow… (does this sound at all familiar? ;-))

Have you checked out the three part round-up yet for the sevent edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday?  Andrew over at Spittoon got us out of our comfort zone with his theme of obscure red grapes and some gems were discovered along the way… (**STOP PRESS** – WBW#8 has just been announced!  Ronald from Love Sicily had chosen (no surprises here!) Sicilian reds as the theme and you have until 13 April to find yourself a bottle or three.)

Coming up on 24 March is the 13th edition of Is My Blog Burning? and the theme chosen by this month’s host Maki from I was just really very hungry is… cupcakes (or muffins).  They can be sweet or savoury, large or small – as long as they are muffin/cupcake shaped.  And, of course, cute!

After some upheaval last month necessitating a total revamp of the voting system, Does My Blog Look Good in This?  is back with a vengeance – and a new judging system.  Ronald over at Is My Blog Burning? central is now taking nominations of all your February foodie photos, so get submitting!

And last, but not least, my and Anthony’s little baby has left home…  We packed its bag with lots of clean hankies, and cardigans in case it gets a little cold out there.  We have told the babysitter what it likes to eat and warned her about giving it too much sugar after 5pm.  Sigh.  They grow up so fast.  Are you wondering yet whether you have accidentally stepped into a parellel universe??  Hmm, maybe…  What I am trying to tell you in a rather roundabout way is that, for the first time ever, the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza is going to be hosted by somebody other than Cooksister or Spiceblog!  Yes folks, EoMEoTE is in its FIFTH edition already and growing every month, and this month I’m thrilled to announce that the March edition will be hosted by the fabulous Johanna from The Passionate Cook.  I had the great pleasure of meeting up with her last week over a bottle of wine and it was decided that EoMEoTE would be safe with her… So far, she’s putting Anthony and I to shame in the punctuality department…  Slow down, Jo – you’re going to make us look like the lazy gits we secretly aspire to be!! ;-)

And that about wraps it up.  I’m off to organise my diary so that I have a fighting chance to take part on all of these…  and I suggest you do the same!

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anthony March 19, 2005 at 2:00 am

“my and Anthony’s little baby has left home”
[spits coffee across table]
ah I see. Servus! Johanna. Do I get wine?


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