Reminder – WBW tomorrow!

Q – what’s red, alcoholic, South African and featured on this blog tomorrow?

A – It’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, featuring my chosen theme of South African reds! 

If you haven’t bought a bottle yet, check out my buying tips here and then dash out to your local wine merchant and get shopping!  Then dash home and get drinking, eating and writing. 

I had my bottle on Sunday night and it was a goodie!  Look forward to sharing it with all of you and hearing what everyone else drank.

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    Wine Blogging Wednesday #6

    Wine Blogging Wednesday #6 presented a slight dilemma for me. With the theme set by Cook Sister! as “South African Reds”, how was I to keep my Australian theme going and still participate? It was obvious in the end, purchase a bottle of …

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    Hi Andrew – glad you liked the theme! And according to your post you found a real winner of a wine – must get me a bottle of that! Thanks for taking part & look out for the roundup towards the end of the week.

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    Is it possible that Lenn forgot about his own brainchild?
    Nope…I’ll be drinking mine tonight…I’ll let you know ūüėČ Seems like everyone has found good bottles thus far…which is a WBW first!

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    Hi Brenda, Moira, Sam, Derrick, Fatemeh, Jens and Alice!
    Thank you all so much for joining in – and I’m thrilled to see that pretty much all of your tastings were successful – hurrah! Some nice wines in there that I haven’t yet tried but will certainly look out for in the future.
    I’m working on the roundup as we speak – will wait till tonight to catch any stragglers (Lenn, oh creator of all that is WBW, this includes you!;-)), so it should be up tomorrow.
    Thanks again for playing along,