Announcing the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza #3!

Well, as the more astute readers may have noticed, there is a shiny brand new logo in the upper left corner of this blog (thanks to Anthony of Man That Cooks for that!!) – the EoMEoTE official logo!  For those of you who have not heard about this most exclusive of blog events, it’s a little something that Anthony and I came up with one idle weekend when we were trying to outdo each other in thinking up weird and unusual food blog events to add to the existing parade of the IMBB?, the WBW, SHF, DMBLGiT?, the Paper Chef etc etc etc.  I suggested the EoMEoTE and before you could say “stiff peaks”, Anthony had hosted the first EoMEoTE.  And astonishingly, a month later, a second EoMEoTE saw the light of day.

So here we are in the third month.  The bread is in the fridge, anticipating its turn in the tanning bed we humans call the toaster.  The eggs are in their little cardboard boxes, all a-quiver with eggcitement to see what they will become this month.  And EoMEoTE#3 is about to blast off!  The rules are very, very simple.

1. You must make a dish using eggs.

2. That dish must also feature toasted bread.

3. Don’t poach other people’s ideas.  (nope, sorry, I made that last one up.  Poach away!)

4. When you have eggsecuted your culinary concoction, drop me an e-mail (jeanneat501dotcodotza) or leave a comment in the comments section of this post containing a link to where you have posted your contribution.  Or if you don’t have a blog, just e-mail me your story and I will put it up on my blog.

Apart from that, hey, anything goes.  Anyone can join in (Tokyogoat and Reid in particular – we will be looking out for great things from you guys!) No date deadline, no restrictions, just go with the flow.  Make whatever your intuition dictates.  I will be doing a roundup sometime next week, so don’t feel under any pressure to stick to the deadline of month end.  If your entry is late, no need to scramble. I’ll add it to the roundup as and when.

So go and whip those eggs into shape and tell the bread it’s toast.

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    Hey Jeanne,
    How nice of you to host your own creation. Look for mine up on my blog Saturday. I’m going to do it this time for sure…. =)

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    Well, your entry’s been like three months coming… so we are expecting a show-stopper!! Look forward to it. And aren’t you off on holiday after that? Lucky thing…

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    i didn’t intend to join in, really, but I am sick and last night all i could muster up the energy to eat was scrambled egg on toast, so I thought, hey well, I might as well take a picture of this & send it to Cook Sister!. I’ll post it up sometime at the weekend. umm. scrambled eggs. comfort food. yay!

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    Hey Sam
    Sorry to hear you were ill – hope you’re feeling better now? Either way, your health’s loss is EoMEoTE’s gain 😉 We don’t care HOW you came to join in, but it will be lovely to have you! Comfort food rocks.

  5. says

    Just in the the spirit of the all inclusive slacker inspiration driver are we allowing EoMEoTE by proxy?
    Post soon(ish)
    Sam – get well soon
    Jeanne – before you use up all the puns, I think you’ve done an eggceptional job.

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    EoMEoTE #3: Truffled Eggs On Challah

    Last night my friend E and I had a very late and very good post-opera dinner. By the time I returned home and went to bed it was almost 2 in the morning. Thankfully, I managed to sleep in

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    Hey Sam – thanks for the contribution! Looks yummy & the scarf sounds cute. Fred’s a lucky man ;-).
    Anthony – as if you don’t know by now, *anything* goes. You can do EoMEoTE by proxy, by carrier pigeon, by candlelight, whatever. Just tell me where to find your contribution so it can get rounded up…
    And let me tell you, thinking up all those puns is no yolk.

  8. says

    Hi Jeanne,
    Yes, I am on holiday after that…and I’m on holiday mode right now. =P
    I made a big oops…when I said Saturday, I actually meant next Saturday. But then that’s too late right? Harumph! I’ll get it up tomorrow, which is Sunday for me.

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    Hi Jeanne! I’m in! Posted mine yesterday and sent you the permalink and trackback just in case. Thanks for hosting. This was fun and tasty too! :-)

  10. says

    Hi Reid, don’t worry – I’ll hold the front page for your entry 😉 We’ve waited 3 months to see your entry – I’m not going to leave you off now! Look forward to seeing what you’ve whipped up…
    Hey Santos! OK, so who’s the girl with the foliage – Cressida (heh heh heh!) Your eggy pic looks yummy – thanks for joining in.
    Hi Viv – thanks, I got the link and have been to check it out already – hmmmm, indulgent, my favourite! Gotta get me some truffle butter…
    Hi Alice! Thanks for joining us on the littlest food blog event. You would give McD’s a run for their money if you marketed that – fewer calories and it looks more substantial! Thanks for joining in & hope to see you again!

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    Rob – I knew there was a reason why the universe was stopping me from doing a roundup just yet. See, the universe knows best! Thanks for your “real man’s” version of the EoMEoTE – and now I guess I’ll HAVE to do the roundup…

  12. says

    Well, Tokyogoat, the award for being true to the slacker spirit of EoMEoTE goes to you!! We are not bound by the normal rules of punctuality, we are free from the chains of the calendar! Whenever you post, that’s fine by us 😉 Oh, and runner-up for that award goes to me for successfully procrastinating on the round-up for a week… I am typing as we speak though!!
    Thanks for joining in!