Cape Town calling!

Well hello there from Cape Town!  No, Cooksister isn’t dead, I just have not had internet access since I left London on the 3rd :-(  It is proving really hard not to be able to check my blog/e-mail/respond to comments.  But what can I say – the sun, food, wine and relaxation are helping me to cope with the lack of internet!!

I’m just posting a few words from a friend’s computer so this won’t be a long post, but some of the highlights of the holiday so far have included:

* a week at the Beacon Island Hotel in Plettenberg Bay

* a seafood buffet dinner at abovementioned hotel where we absolutely pigged out on fresh oysters, prawns, gravid sailfish, smoked salmon and baked dorado

* Nick’s consumption of several spectacular steaks, including some kudu

* eating a crocodile pie (while Nick ate a crocodile and ostrich kebab!)

* a couple of truly lovely braais (BBQs) with friends

* the best trout I have ever tasted, eaten at a Cape Town restaurant the other night (it was crusted with sesame seeds…. mmmm!)

* today, which was spent on Stellenbosch wine estates tasting lovely wines.

So as you can see, I have my work cut out for me when I get back to my internet connection!! Plus I still owe you an account of our week in France…  Keep watching this space – I’m back on line after Christmas, but may be able to sneak in a post from a friend’s computer before that.  Until then, keep on cooking, keep on eating, keep on blogging and see you soon!

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    Aaah, darling… I’m soooo jealous. But very happy for you. Enjoy your time there and Merry Christmas to you and Nick!
    P.S. Toss me some Bovril across the Atlantic, won’t ya? ;-)

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    Sounds fabulous! I hope you are back in London by the 7th. Would love to have you over for Sugar High Fridays #4 (Nuts). Have a lovely holiday!

  3. says

    Ah yes, the self-flagellation of the long-distance blogger. I must say that it was very liberating not to have to cook or blog for three weeks, but by the end I did start having withdrawal symptoms… Bacon Island indeed. A 21-day non-stop eat fest. Back to gym in the new year!!
    Thanks for that! I had an absolutely superb time – there is no better way to spend a hot December than travelling up and down the Garden Route… Hope your Christmas was fab too and not toooo icy.
    Yes, I’m baaaaaaack!! Seeing as there is no IMBB to distract me this month, I think I may have to launch my inaugural SHF contribution. At least I had the good sense that bring back some measuring spoons from home, so if I bake something I should be less under-equipped than last time!! ;-)