Burning blogs, unite!

Well, it had to come. The marvellous world-wide themed blog cooking day “Is My Blog Burning?”, introduced to the world by Alberto of Il Forno has now got a blog of its own! The IMBB site is kindly hosted by Ronald of Love Sicily and provides a repository for all things IMBB related including summaries of past entires, month by month. There are also going to be special pages dedicated to the IMBB’s two offshoots, “Wine Blogging Wednesday” and “Sugar High Friday”. The site is still a work in progress but do pop over and take a look.

On the topic of IMBB, the October edition (IMBB9, would you believe?) will take place on Sunday 24 October and will be hosted by Derrick at An Obsession with Food. The theme is “Layers and Layers”, also known as terrines (or, if you want to annoy the guys at the Language Log, tureens;-)). Although I have been an enthusiastic consumer of terrines for most of my life, I have never been tempted to actually make one – I mean, if God had intended me to make terrines, then why did He create Marks & Spencer?? But I guess at some point this month I will take up the challenge and try my hand at terrine-making. I am heartened by the fact that there seems to be a range of terrines and levels of difficulty to choose from, so I can tailor my terrine to my motivation levels as the big day approaches.

Watch this space for:
a) terrines
b) tureens
c) details
d) all of the above

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  1. says

    Hi Santos
    Would that be the local terrain around, say, Turin?? :o) Imagine having a terrine served in a tureen while checking out the terrain around Turin. Aaaarrrgh!
    Hi Joolez
    Good stuff! I hope to have a spurt of blogging energy this week & will try not to disappoint!

  2. says

    imagine having a terrine served in a tureen while touring the terrain around turin, with turin brakes on i-tunes.
    don’t forget the tia maria tim tams too!