Au Revoir – she’s off again…

Just when you thought the Cook Sister was finally getting back to regular blogging… she has decided to take another well-deserved holiday!!

This time Nick and I are off to a rented villa in the South of France, inland from and about halfway between Nice and Cannes – for a whole week!! I am taking my trusty laptop along so I should be able to finish off a few posts while I am there and record all the culinary delights I discover, but I doubt I’ll have internet access so I won’t be able to post until I get back on 6 November :-(

However, I AM participating in Worldwide Wine Blogging Wednesday on 3 November – post is written and ready and will appear on cue on Wednesday – watch this space for details!!

Until then, au revoir, happy eating, happy drinking and don’t miss me too much 😉

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  1. says

    ah, lucky you! i am so longing for some sunshine and warmth and gorgeous food! my next holidays aren’t due till January (guess being on maternity leave I shouldn’t complain!)
    can;t wait to have you back though!
    have fun

  2. says

    Thanks mate – I did!! Read all about it here soon.
    Hate to say but we certainly did get sunshine, warmth and glorious food. And despite eating solidly for seven days, I managed not to gain even a kilo!! So not only is the French food fabulous, it’s also not fattening!! 😉