Getting into the spirit of things

It’s that time of the month again – time to get creative, get cooking and join the rest of the food blogging community for “Is My Blog Burning?” number 8! This time Donna from There’s a chef in my kitchen has selected as a theme Lift Your Spirits High – any dish with wine or spirits as the main ingredient – and I’m hearing corks popping and liquor cabinets being raided across the globe…

Is My Blog Burning? is of course the world-wide food-blogging event dreamed up by Alberto and it is now in its eighth edition. If there were a Rio-style carnival for food, this would be it. We have had a joyous and colourful parade of dishes from all over the blogosphere and the world, centred around the themes of soups, tartines, cakes, rice, fish, barbecues and dumplings.

I have memories of making inedible concoctions as a student, using the theory that “if one tot of tequila can make it taste this good, just imagine how good it would taste with FIVE!!”. And terrifyingly enough, this philosophy was not only applied to Margaritas. But with a bit of luck I have mellowed over the years and whether I make a flambe, a boozy trifle or a sherry-soaked pate, I hope that I have learned to exercise some restraint when cooking with “Mother’s little helper”. We shall see.

To make sure we all have a happy, safe IMBB8 and to avoid any actual burning of blogs (or bloggers), I have selected a few of the handy hints on cooking with alcohol available at The BK Lounge:

• Read the recipe through at least once before you start drinking.

• If you have to cover one eye to read, it may be time to order out.

• If you have someone reading a recipe to you while you cook, remember a ‘mouthful’ is not a cooking measurement.

• Do not mix hallucinogens and alcohol before cooking. Chances are you will end up with egg roll florentine, spaghetti enchilada, scrambled oranges, mueseli pizza, or something of the sort.

• Do not check hot oil by dipping your finger into it.

• If you drop a knife, get out of its way.

• Never leave sampling spoons in a simmering pot.

• Always wear a shirt when frying bacon (Ed: And for the guys, wear trousers when peeling carrots).

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  1. says

    Hilarious! :-) I shouldn’t be rading things like this in the office, when I am trying to hide my amusement I am giving away that I am doing something I should not 😉

  2. says

    Sausages in a toaster. Hope you were fully clothed at the time (see editorial comment on final hint)…
    Welcome! Glad you liked the hints- I always say, safety first. Like don’t drink and drive – you may spill.
    I know the feeling!?! Glad you got a laugh out of the post though. Maybe we can try out some of the hints in Munich at the end of the month??