Cherries and a webcam!


Well, even though we are apparently not having summer weather this year, at least we are enjoying the wonderful selection of fruit that an English summer always brings. Last night we had strawberries and cream. The week before we had a bag of fresh raspberries from our neighbours’ garden (traded them for some marigold seedlings!). And tonight we had my personal favourite – a big bowl of fresh cherries. Although I am still pining for a digital camera, I have decided to take my chances with my little webcam for now – it ain’t beatiful but it will give you a general idea!! So as an experiment, here is a pic of tonight’s cherries. I have also put up 2 pics under my South African risotto post – check them out.

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  1. says

    Aaah, yes. Strawberries and cream in London in July. How awfully Wimbledonesque of you, sweetie-daaahling! (And ja, of course I smaak the cherries too!)