How does Tarzan cook his meat?

On a gorilla… geddit?? Geddit???

Well, funny you should say that because to my great delight, I have just discovered that the next edition of Is My Blog Burning? will be hosted by the crew at Too Many Chefs. And even better – the theme is grilling and barbecuing!

This will be my third contribution to this wonderful institution (following hot on the heels of my South African Risotto for Pim’s Around the World in a Bowl of Rice edition, and my grilled Yellowtail “sandwiches” for Wena’s Catch of the Day edition). And being South African, I must admit that this theme is close to my heart – we are inveterate barbecuers (or, more correctly, braaiers, because no self-respecting South African barbecues – they BRAAI!)

I will also make a confession up front: I am not the braaier in the family – it is my husband’s sole domain. I will marinade, chop, dice, slice, skewer and stuff the raw materials, but the making of the fire and the grilling over the coals – this I leave entirely to him. It is the one aspect of cooking he truly loves and damn, he is good at it.

But enough of that for now. I will elaborate more on this topic on at the big blog barbie on 18 July – see you all there. And remember to bring your own booze and paper plates 😉

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  1. says

    On Again! For a barbie country, much of our history in Oz has been blokes standing around deciding when their slim bits of steak have been burnt to a crisp. Might have to dig deeper.

  2. says

    On a gorilla, whoahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Ja, hey, if you’re ever in Baltimore, you should swing by for a braai. (See what you do to my usage of the English language with all this braai talk? Now my accent is even coming through in the writ’ word!) 😉

  3. says

    Anthony: Big of you to confirm what my husband has always suspected – when it comes to BBQ, your countrymen talk the talk – but can they walk the walk? 😉 Oh well, it’ll be tongs at dawn on the 18th! En garde!
    Red: If and when I get to Baltimore, you can BET we’ll be pulling in for a braai (broe)! With maybe some sosaties on the side and klappertert for dessert… Do we have a date??
    (see, we’ll have you talking lekker again in no time!!)