A little riddle

Let’s play one of my favourite games – What am I?

I can be sweet or I can be savoury.
I can be boiled, fried or steamed – or sometimes a combination of these!
I can be served as a starter, in a main course or as a dessert.
You can find me in soups, stews, in a bamboo steamer or topped with whipped cream or custard.
I am known all over the world – from Anchorage to Zurich; from Beijing to Brisbane.
I can also be a term of endearment…

What am I?

I’m an adorable little dumpling, of course! And why does Cook Sister feel the need to impart this knowledge to you? Well, because next month’s edition of the most excellent Is My Blog Burning? event, as hosted by Redbeard of Life in Flow and Foodpornwatch, has as its theme… dumplings! This will be the 7th edition of IMBB, with previous editions being soups (hosted by Alberto of Il Forno); tartines (hosted by Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini); cakes (hosted by Renee of Shiokadelicious!); rice (hosted by Pim of Chez Pim); seafood hosted by Wena of mum-mum); and most recently barbecues and grilling (hosted by Meg at Too many chefs).

I have already started looking around for ideas and inspirations for the Big Day, Sunday 22 August 2004. And since hubby and I are now the proud owners of a digital camera, this will be the first time the entire process can be faithfully recorded for your viewing pleasure!

So get in touch with your inner dumpling and get blogging on 22 August!

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