South African olive oil scoops international awards

Did I mention that I’m from South Africa?? 😉 Hmm, yes probably, once in a while. And along with blogs like Spiceblog and Kitschnzinc I try to keep the southern hemisphere flag flying as high as I can.
This morning, Anthony’s post about extra virgin olive oil made me do a quick search for Morgenster, who make (imho) the best EVOO in SA. I am thrilled to report the result of my little research project – apparently the Morgenster EVOO has been winning international awards:
– Winner of the Gold Medal Award at the Los Angeles Trade Fair
– Winner of the Southern Hemisphere New Season Selection 2003
– Concorso Internazionale Sol d’Oro 2004 Award in Verona, Italy in March 2004
Woo hoo! Go South Africa!
And for those of you who are into all things olive (Amateur Gourmet, this means you!), how about attending the Savantes Qualifier Course in Cape Town at the end of July? I read about this on a website called Olivebusiness which is aimed at olive growers, manufactureres of olive products and the olive & olive oil buying public like myself – check out their 2003 “Fresh Taste of the South” buying guide for all things olivey from south of the equator. And check out their cool olive oil tasting handbook!
Now that sounds like a plan – an olive oil tasting at chez moi this summer. Will get back to you on that!

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  1. Mollie says

    I was wondering if anyone knew how may cooking/edible oils there are available in the U.S. I’m doing an essay on the top 10 oils and their properties, pro’s and con’s.