Koeksisters… again!

Who would have thought – from humble sweet confection to culinary icon. It seems the humble South African koeksister has come a long way.

Firstly, it seems to have been winning hearts and minds abroad… While researching koeksister recipes last week I stumbled upon Spiceblog, Anthony’s great foodblog all the way from Australia. He came up in a set of search results because he had posted a question on his blog asking where he could obtain koeksisters in Oz, which led to some correspondence between us about where to buy and how to make koeksisters.

But it seems that koeksisters have also been moving up in the world at home in South Africa. New York may have the Statue of Libery, Paris may have the Eiffel Tower. But does Paris have a baguette statue? And does New York have Tower of Bagel? Of course not, I hear you say – so what? Well, because since last year, South Africa does in fact have a statue dedicated to the humble koeksister! Granted, it’s not exactly in the centre of Cape Town, but in Orania. This is a faintly ridiculous all-white community in the middle of the most inhospitable part of the Northern Cape province – the political equivalent of a Flat Earth Society – and unless you are on a serious koeksister pilgrimage, you are highly unikely ever to set eyes on it. But the fact remains, it is an extraordinary thing, a statue dedicated to a dessert… in the desert!! Oh, I crack myself up sometimes

Any other unusual foodie statues out there in the blogosphere??

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